from £2,000

We make our shelving completely from scratch, which allows us to cleverly optimise space to help you organise your home or workplace.


Bespoke shelving is the best way to optimise storage whilst maintaining aesthetic harmony. Available in a wide selection of materials and finishes, and designed in any style to blend in sympathetically with the existing architectural features in the room or as a statement piece.


Shelving can incorporate doors and drawers to provide both visual interest or practical storage. They can be built to fill entire walls and even around door-openings, or occupy existing alcoves and other architectural features.


Materials & Finishes

Moisture resistant medium density fibreboard

Often given a bad reputation, but a high-quality finish can be achieved if used appropriately, MDF is used for large expanse areas which are painted, normally edged with timber or another edging, to further increase durability.

Painted finish

Most of the painted fitted furniture we produce is spray primed in our workshop before it is fitted. Contemporary style furniture often better suits a sprayed finish, in this case, the furniture is sprayed before it is fitted. Whereas, traditional style furniture is often hand-painted in-situ after fitting. We can match any paint & colour in any finish and offer both a spray finish, applied in the workshop or hand-finished (roller or brush), which can be applied in the workshop or in-situ.

Clear finish

A clear finish which comes in a wide range of sheens, from matt through to gloss, and is used on materials where you want to see the material. Lacquers are what we most commonly use, in the form of environmentally friendly water-based products, to hard-wearing acid catalyst lacquers applied by spray gun. There are also waxes and oils, applied by hand, some are traditional products, while others are modern blends of traditional & synthetic.

Birch Plywood

We use this material in many of our projects, it can be finished in a plain lacquer or with a colour applied to its face (either paint or Formica) and exposed end grain. Different wood veneers, such as oak or walnut can also be applied to its face, offering a more pronounced contrast to the plywood's end grain. We also use it for making drawer boxes due to its durability.

Oak (European or White American)

White American oak is suitable for interior work and European oak can be used in and outdoors. An attractive hardwood, its mid-range colour and interesting grain mean that it sits comfortably alongside a wide range of other materials & colours.

Black American Walnut

A timber which comes from North America, it ranges in colour from cream through to dark brown and is a beautiful hard-wearing timber.

Veneered Boards

Veneered board is a much more stable material than solid timber, particularly in a modern centrally heated house. These come in a range of thicknesses, with either a plywood or MDF core, and a thin timber veneer is applied to both sides of the board.